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Choose the Benefits of Free Range

Raised in the freedom of sprawling, natural landscapes, Fermier™ chickens lead vibrant, healthy lives—reflecting the highest standards of care and well-being. Make the ethical choice that delights your palate — Choose Fermier™.

Experience the Heart of Tradition: Delight in the care and quality of Fermier™ (French for “Farmer”) Free Range Chicken, where sustainable farming and dedication to nature come together

Fermier™ embodies the essence of sustainable and ethical farming, bringing to the table a philosophy rooted in respect for nature and animal welfare. By adhering to SPCA-approved practices, Fermier™ ensures the highest standards of animal welfare and humane treatment.

By choosing Fermier™, consumers support a brand dedicated to transparency, natural quality, and respect for nature, turning every meal into a testament to thoughtful and responsible farming. Fermier provides an authentic farm-to-table experience that is truly unparalleled.


From Farm to Feast: The Unfolding Story of Fermier & La Fermiere

Inspired by love and respect for the land, this tale tells of a farmer, Fermier, who nurtures his chickens with profound devotion. Here, chickens do more than merely exist — they thrive, wandering freely across lush pastures under the open sky.

On Fermier’s farm, every chicken is raised with profound devotion, embodying the true essence of free-range farming. The result is a testament to Fermier’s values, where each bird thrives in harmony with its surroundings. This story of care and dedication is not just about raising chickens; it’s about celebrating a way of life that honors the land and the creatures that inhabit it.

Fermier™ Chickens are raised following guidelines that prioritize animal welfare, which they are provided with more space, outdoor access, and a humane environment, distinguishing them from those raised in conventional poultry farming. 

Fermier™ Chickens are raised without antibiotics, following responsible farming practices. This approach ensures that the meat is produced with care and integrity.

Hormones are often used in poultry farming to promote rapid growth and increase size. Fermier™ Chickens are raised without these additives, following a more natural growth process.

Fermier™ Chickens are not fed genetically modified feed, adhering to a natural and traditional approach to poultry farming.

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