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cut daily to your requirements

The Team at JR Wholesale Meats have a long history of providing excellence in products and service to their customers in NZ.

Over the last two years they have invested extensively in their facility in Otahuhu, Auckland, upgrading the plant and processes to meet the exacting standards that are required to achieve and maintain MPI accreditation.


High Quality & Range of meat products offered to the food service industry

JR Wholesale Meats has worked tirelessly identifying only the best primary producers in NZ.  The team has chosen only suppliers that share our same passion for quality and service in the meat industry. We are proud to represent our suppliers’ products in the marketplace.

We stand behind the products we supply with the confidence and certainty that they are of the highest quality obtainable in NZ. The Master Butchery Team at JR Wholesale Meats take these great products and prepare them to your exacting standards.

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Buy Our Factory Discount Meats at wholesale prices!

Factory Discount Meats is our onsite shop at JR Wholesale Meats open to the public. We have over 25 years of experience in the meat industry supplying butchers, cafes, and restaurants in the North Island with high-quality Beef, Lamb, Pork, and Chicken products. Factory Discount Meats was established in 2019 to fulfill the high demand for restaurant-quality meat among the community and the public.

Open Monday to Friday 7am to 4pm

ONLINE MEATS: Online, On time, On budget

Restaurant Quality Meat Affordable prices, direct to your door!

We deliver Restaurant Quality Meat products to the public no matter where you are in New Zealand. Our focus has always been on providing high-quality meat to our customers and we are pleased that we can now extend this offering of quality meat cuts right to your door for your enjoyment.


Export Quality Prime Steer and Genuine NZ Angus™ Beef

Only Prime Steer, Premium Grade beef carcass and cuts are processed at JR Wholesale Meats

Buy Exceptional Quality

JR Wholesale Meats only supply beef that has been hung, stored and processed to improve the flavor & tenderness profiles. A guarantee of exceptional quality.


Export Quality Genuine NZ Lamb™

NZ Lamb that’s free-range, grass-fed, farm-raised and sourced from Approved NZ Farms

Free Range NZ Lamb

From locally bred flocks our free-range lamb is sourced from small, local, family run farms in the Waikato and Wairarapa


Genuine NZ Pork™

Fresh Pork processed daily only sourced from Pig Care accredited farms

Pork that delivers on Flavor

Hand selected from the Durox and Hampshire pork breeds and carries the essential fat that produces really succulent, flavoursome Pork Cuts.


Genuine NZ Chicken

NZ Chicken supplied free range or Barn Raised

Chicken that delivers on succulence

Our Butchers process all our Chicken from whole birds delivering exceptional quality & cuts to your requirements


Delicatessen & Specialty Products

Deli & specialty products that are hand selected & full of flavour

From The Deli

We have a range of Artisan made Bacon, Ham and Deli products, manufactured from local and imported Pork to meet your exacting requirements.


Delivery to your door

We use chilled delivery experts that ensure the product reaches you in perfect condition.

Chilled Delivery that exceeds expectations

We are committed to providing the highest level of chilled delivery service to our customers. Urgent Cool – Big Chill – Transnorth – Provida – Refridgafreighters


Customised Products - No Problem

We regularly produce meat cuts to Chef’s exacting requirements, packed & ready to use.

Portion Controlled & Special Requirements

With our on site Master Butchers we can produce what ever you require.

Why not take the hassel out of your prep & let us do it for you


JR Wholesale Meats Quality Promise

NZ Chicken supplied free range or Barn Raised

Our Promise to You

We will deliver a product and service that meets our exacting Quality Consistency to every customer.