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JR Wholesale Meats prioritises operating sustainably, minimising our impact on the environment and reducing our carbon footprint. 

We are actively monitoring and developing methods to keep up to date with the latest environmental practices, ensuring we are a leader in developing environmental sustainability solutions for future generations.

If you have any questions regarding sustainability, get in touch!


Doing Our Part In Protecting The Environment

With the understanding that we have a responsibility to the next generation,  JR Wholesale Meats is doing their best to minimise their impact on the environment.

We hope that by continuously improving our sustainability practices, we are doing our part to reduce the industry’s impact on the climate, and provide a safe and healthy planet for future generations.


Minimising our impact on the climate through managing our plant’s systems

Our refrigeration system uses CO2 to keep our production and storage zones at the perfect temperature.

By choosing to use CO2 as our primary refrigerant, we are reducing our overall emissions. We also use this system to generate chilled water for use in the plant.

Our system has no harmful effect on the environment as it will generate no climate-damaging gases or chemicals. This was a key factor in implementing our refrigeration system.



Nothing goes to waste, whether it’s organic or metallic!

From office furniture to plant equipment, everything gets reused or repurposed. When possible, we will buy second-hand furniture and machinery for refurbishment and usage at JR Wholesale Meats.

Repurposing workplace items is an easy and valuable way to minimise wastage and reduce our impact on the environment. Our recent office refurbishment used 100% repurposed office furniture, from desks and chairs to foot stools and reception desks.

We recently acquired a large quantity of secondhand stainless steel scrap that was destined for recycling and have used this to rebuild SS tables and machinery.

When it comes to meat we use everything, any bone products that can not be used in the food industry are provided to the local rendering company for manufacture into tallow and Blood & Bone fertilizer. 



All cardboard, plastic and metal waste is recycled

Our packaging is completely recyclable. Any plastic, cardboard, wood or metal we use is recycled or reused.

Even our Online Meats wool liners are recyclable, or reusable! You can use them for keeping moisture in pot plants, as they are 100% natural fiber. Click here to see the video.

We also have weekly collections of our recyclable waste streams for cardboard, plastic, wood, and organic material.


We are dedicated to keep finding ways we can improve our sustainability

JR Wholesale Meats is constantly researching and developing new ways to keep our business sustainable.

We invest in regular research and development of environmental technology and processes.

We are always on the lookout for new was to improve ourselves, feel free to contact us with ideas or recommendations!